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Data Collection and Cleansing Database Building and Deliverables  

Data Collection and Cleansing   
MSA is well known within the packaged goods industry and has provided solutions for business for over 30 years. Validata the leader in software systems for the Vend Operator has established themselves on the forefront of technology. Together the two companies have collaborated to bring a service that will establish an industry standard.

Vend Operators of all sizes are providing information to Validata by using the route operators handheld system. This information is collected at the individual vending machine and is downloaded to the VO host on a daily basis. The standardization process begins with the VO as transaction level detail passes through a multi-tiered filtering process utilizing Validata's RoutSail® system. Initially, VO's accounting for over forty thousand machines are selected for the project. A geographic and demographic mix as well as a statistically balanced sample determines this selection process.

The standardization process continues as Validata polls the UPC information weekly, maintaining an UPC master and assigning product and machine attributes. Validata provides the standardized data to MSA in a Data Factory format weekly.

Cleansing of data is one of MSA's fortes. We believe this is an integral part in the transformation of data into information. Extensive validity and integrity checks on the UPC codes and attributes are performed and inaccuracies are identified for correction.

Once the data has met the criteria established for acceptability, it is then processed though MSA's Data Factory© system. This system was developed by MSA and currently is used to provide information on 600,000 stores to a number of Fortune 100 companies.

Database Building and Deliverables   
Databases allow maximum flexibility.

A weekly multi-dimensional database is built on a monthly basis. 
Machine level information is maintained as well as future projections to national and regional universes. Additionally, machine attributing allows reporting and analysis by Location Type (Public, Education, Office, Factory, etc.), as well as clustering machines by market, zip code or demographic criteria.
The dataset is segmented into two main databases: Beverages and Snacks & Confections. These databases contain all UPC level information, brand and manufacturer totals. This information can also be sliced and diced based on one or any combination of product attributes.Category information is retained for Cold Cup, Hot Cup, Cigarettes and Food.

MSA is compiling numerous measures. This sample will allow for a broad range of statistical analysis. Sales measures included are:

  • Net dollars and units sold
  • Stale dollars and units
  • Position by row and column
  • Par and spiral/slot depth
The daily transactional data is received and compiled weekly and updated every 4-weeks. This information is retained to create a five-year database.



Tabular reports

The compiled information is available in a syndicated spreadsheet or hardcopy. 

Software Interface
The data may be coupled with one of MSA's data access systems and customized to fit any need. 
Data formatted to adapt to any in-house system. 
Analytical Services
MSA has over 85 statisticians and business analysts available to analyze the data for you and provide you with the information you need to make sound business decisions.
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